Testing & validation

  • Dyno bench Testing (endurance tests)
  • Clutch characterization according to SAE2 normative
  • Dedicated test with SAE2 tooling:
    • Drag characterization
    • Anti-hop characterization (static and dynamic)

Test bench

  • Static µ (Torque) Test
  • Core Plate lug Strength
  • Damper Characteristics
  • Damper Endurance
  • Stiffness (plate, pressure)
  • Stiffness (boss, clutch)
  • Clutch, SPRG Endurance Test
  • Clutch, SPRG Hot set Test
  • Burst test
  • Axial strength of riveting

Road testing & Clutch fine-tuning experts

Endurance Adler R&D division provides the more specialized clutch fine-tuning services available in the market:

  • Road testing provided by clutch experts with 30+ years of experience
  • On-site fine-tuning service at the customer's R&D facilities
  • Fine-tuning service at our factory in Rovereto and in testing tracks of the customer's motorcycle
  • Engineering consultancy and development of the entire transmission system and clutch and gearbox actuation

Transmission testing and validation